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relates to models R129  W124  W126  W140  W201  
(Before 1995)



159€ ONLY

8 pin socket

MichBox prise 8 broches

16 pin socket

MichBox Prise 16 broches
Boitier de recherches  de pannes pour Mercedes-Benz R129
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Automatically detect theare faults  which are stored in the calculatorsand proceed with the deletion of codes default. According to models, here is the equipments concerned:








Air conditioner



Central locking


Automatic box

SRS Airbag



1 - Connect the device
2 - Press the key
3 - Consult the list
4 - Erase the faults

It's as simple as that !

The computers of these MERCEDES vehicles send back pulses which correspond to the faults recorded in their memory. If it is still possible to read this information with rudimentary equipment, it remains extremely tedious to count flashes on an LED. This highly successful device offers the advantage of memorizing the pulse count on a display and of automating the function of erasing the detected codes. In addition, some connections of the 16-pin sockets return unnecessary pulses even before the device is in operation. This is managed by the DIAG002 and you are thus certain of not having erroneous readings. In addition, the DIAG002 gives you the voltage of the vehicle battery, this being particularly decisive  for the stability of the computers.


Multi-language documentation

It is particularly easy to use:  Locate the socket on your vehicle's terminal block that corresponds to the item you want to test. Here is the assignment of these sockets.

1 - Masse
2 - Non utilisée  
3 - Injection system   
4 - Non utilisée   
5 - ASD       
6 - SRS (Airbag)  
7 - Rollbar (Roll bar)
8 - Ignition
9 - ADS (active suspension)
10 - TVD (Soft top)
11 - ATA (Anti-theft)

12 - IRCL - Central locking
13 - ETC (Automatic gearbox)
14 - ESCM (Engine control unit)
15 - Not used

16 - Anear contact +12 V


The airbag indicator on the dashboard stays on. This equipment being a security equipment, it cannot be erased.
Switch on the ignition then connect the DIAG002 like this: the wire ro
uge on the + (terminal 16), earth on terminal 1, then the yellow wire on terminal 6 which corresponds to the airbag. The device is protected against any connection error.
The device turns on and displays the word CODE. Then press the LEC button on the device. A countdown of 3 seconds takes place then the counter counts the pulses. As soon as this count stops, note the number and refer to the list of fault codes.
If it is code 8, it means the power has been disconnected. Press the LEC button again to look for any other fault. If 8 comes up, there are none.
Then press the EFF key, a countdown of 6 seconds takes place, the message EFFA is displayed and, automatically, the test starts again to ensure that the fault has disappeared. The number 0 or 1 confirms the absence of a new fault.
If no fault exists on the vehicle, the warning ligh
t on the instrument panel goes out.
As you can see, this operation is extremely easy.


Outil de dépistage des pannes - Prise 16 broches
Outil de dépistage des pannes - Prise 8 broches

Here, 8 pin socket W124


1 - Mass

2 - Not used

3 - Continuous Fuel Injection System (CFI)

4 - Diesel injection system -idle control system

5 - Automatic locking differential

6 - SRS Airbag

7 - Air conditioning

8 - Not used

Example:  After finding an error code 6, the device erases the code then runs the test again to confirm that the erasure was successful.



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IMPORTANT: This device is protected by international laws which govern the rules for the protection of intellectual property rights and copying or counterfeiting.
Any attempt to decompile the computer code it contains or any other maneuver intended to copy the ergonomics, the concept or the functionalities of the device will be the subject of a procedure and significant damages will be claimed, in addition any penalties provided by law.

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